Red Hunt

Madagascar started it all. I was canoeing down a river looking for lemurs and chameleons, two weeks after leaving a 9-5 suit-wearing job. It was September 11, 2001. Yes, that day. It took four days for me to learn anything about those events and three weeks before I saw anything on TV. It felt like Madagascar was the safest place on Earth. That is how I got hooked on travel. Today, I still travel to remote places and avoid cities as much as possible. I enjoy being disconnected, listening to the forest and ocean. I travel for wildlife and nature, taking photos and drinking beers along the way. Many of my favourite experiences have taken place during camping and hiking adventures in the parks and wilderness areas of the US and Canada. Yellowstone National Park remains my favourite place in North America. I feel lucky to make a living writing about travel and working for travel companies around the world. Life is good and I'm happy I can share some bits and pieces of mine with you.

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