The mind is a funny thing. Lay a six-inch wide piece of wood on the ground and you can probably ride down it, no problem. Raise that piece of wood three feet off the ground and the consequences of falling make it a whole lot harder. Here’s how to get your mind in line with your ability.

• Bring speed with you. The slower you’re moving, the harder it is to balance a bike, so ride onto the log with momentum.

• Be in the right gear. Trying to pedal in too hard or too easy a gear will throw off your balance, as will trying to change gears mid-log. Best bet: the middle of both rings.

• Look where you want to go. Focus on the log five or 10 feet in front of you.

• Stay centred. Pedal out of your seat where you can make adjustments to body position faster. Keep your upper body over your tires. Don’t compensate by leaning to one side or the other.

• Be prepared for the worst. If you fall off, spot your landing and get rid of your bike. If you can’t, pull up on the front end so you don’t go over the handlebars.

• Celebrate your success silently. As you roll off the end and the adrenalin surges, keep cool and act like it was nothing.
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