WinterCooking-e1352409512457-288x198Cooking: If it’s cold and windy and you don’t want to cook outside, move your stove to your tent vestibule. Just make sure to open the vestibule wide to prevent fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.
Save time in the morning by melting snow the night before. Keep it from freezing by storing it in a snow fridge—just dig out a cubby and then seal it with a block of snow.

Going to the washroom: Always go to the washroom far from summer water sources to prevent contamination. Peeing is pretty straightforward—just cover the hole when you're done. For number two, saddle up next to a tree, dig a hole in the snow, do your business and then bury it. Trees put out a bit of heat, so your waste will disappear faster come spring. If you're camping with a group, think about building a communal snow outhouse to contain your impact. And keep in mind snow makes great TP—just ball it up like a snowball and wipe. Seriously.
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