10 Reasons Why Winter Camping is Better Than Summer
I’ve learned the advantages of camping out in the cold, and at times I think winter camping can even be...
The Happy Camper: Estimating Distance on Land & Water
Read Kevin Callan's guide to estimating distance while hiking and paddling, with a quick reference guide for your next outdoor...
The Happy Camper: Doomsday Camp Stoves
Is a growing trend of campers using "stick stoves" over fossil-fuel powered units due to the rise in Doomsday Prepper...
The Happy Camper: How to Make Logan Bread
Invented by mountaineers while summiting Mount Logan in 1950, Logan Bread might just be the perfect backcountry food — especially...
The Happy Camper: Menu Planning 101
Kevin Callan dishes out advice on how to make cheap, nutritious and lightweight camping meals from bulk-store ingredients like quinoa,
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