Trail Adventures by Bike or Boot on Florida's Adventure Coast
Hit Florida’s mossy trails and paved paths to see the state’s natural beauty 365 days a year.
California's High Sierra: Waterfalls, Hot Springs and the Mountains In-Between
We probably shouldn’t have underestimated Yosemite,” I say as we cross the quaking foot bridge that spans a swollen Nevada...
10 of the Best Hiking Trails near Lake of The Woods, Ontario
Deep, dark lakes. Soaring evergreens. Granite outcroppings. These features make the Lake of the Woods region magical, maybe even a...
How to easily fix a zipper on-the-go with one cool gear item
What happens when you break a zipper on your jacket, tent or sleeping bag while camping or hiking?
6 Reasons Why Hiking in the Winter is Awesome
Travel blogger Lindsay Davies shares hot tips for cold winter hiking!

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