Frank Wolf Documentary
Credit: Frank Wolf

I’ve always liked what filmmaker and conservationist, Frank Wolf, has done.

His latest film project, Kitturiaq, however, really hit the mark with me. Like usual, it documents a crazy and difficult expedition route. This time, it’s a canoe trip that sets out from Nain, NL to Kangiqsualujjuag, QC in an attempt to forge a new 620-km route through Canada’s far north.

Frank once again brings a partner; this time Todd McGowan (poor Todd). The story line, or purpose of the trip, is also set around creating an awareness of resource extraction and the conflict this has with the land and the people who live there. And the entire film is laced with humorous bits, a dash of performance art and a couple quick shots of Frank’s naked butt. This is without a doubt Frank’s best film yet.

Kitturiaq is extremely well edited, the story-line is solid, the music is incredible and the (mis)adventure Todd and Frank go on is unforgettable. To be different, Frank also blends in a voiceover for the film — a local mosquito named Malina who tags along and narrates the film as the two paddlers journey through a remote and beautiful landscape.

"Kitturiaq" means mosquito in Inukitut, which is good title for the film (the bugs are insane on their trip). The idea behind the narration is meaningful but I’m not entirely sure it was necessary. Mind you, the voiceover helps to blend Inuit/Innu cultural perspective, keeps the story-line going and it’s much better having a local mosquito do it then some no-name person who is disconnected to the film and the landscape.

You be the judge. Give the trailer a watch — I highly recommend the film.

Kitturiaq trailer

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