I’ve never been very good at math. (That’s why I studied journalism.) But it wasn’t until I hiked through Yosemite National Park that I realized I probably should’ve paid more attention to conversion.

Specifically, miles to kilometres.

Fifteen miles and 3,000 feet of elevation gain didn’t sound that bad to me and my hiking partner, Jenn. So, after tackling Four Mile Trail to Glacier Point, we continued on, trekking Panorama Trail to Illilouette Creek...

photoAlison Karlene Hodgins

To Nevada Falls to the John Muir Trail to the Mist Trail and across the Swinging Bridge along the Valley Floor.

It was only when my knees and calves started quaking that I turned to my phone to convert the distance we’d covered.

My jaw dropped. Before this epic and unintentional trek, the furthest I’d hiked in one day was 25 kilometres, with an elevation gain of 1,000 metres.

According to my phone, I’d blown that out of the water.

photoAlison Karlene Hodgins

Watch how spry and confident we seem at the beginning of our hike. We’re not yet caked in sweat. My feet are blissfully blister-free. I’m still on speaking terms with my glutes.

Make sure you watch to the end...

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photoAlison Karlene Hodgins

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