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Presented By: Suunto white BG

Since 1936 when Finnish orienteer and engineer Tuomas Vohlonen invented a way to mass produce the liquid-filled compass, the Suunto brand has been synonymous with adventure and discovery. The company has since been at the forefront of innovation in sports watches and other exploration instruments, equipping adventurers from the highest mountains to the deepest seas with everything they need to discover every hidden nook of the world. However, this time Suunto is bringing adventure to the adventurers with an exciting challenge. The company has invited ski photographer, writer and avid outdoors enthusiast Jason Hummel to bring his camera and his Suunto Ambit3 sports watch to the Seattle area for one massive game of hide and seek.

On June 6th, Jason Hummel will hide a Suunto Ambit3 watch somewhere in the Seattle area, inviting all the local explorers to head out and find it for big prizes. Hummel will be posting hints as to the whereabouts of the watch while on location via Suunto’s Facebook and Twitter pages. No matter how well local Seattleites believe they know the verdurous landscape, this will be no walk in the park.

Although an excellent excuse to get out and enjoy the summer scenery, this event is also providing some serious rewards for those that set out and win. The first person to follow the clues and reach the hiding place of the watch will win a complete mountaineering package including a Suunto Ambit3 GPS sports watch valued at $450, as well as an additional $1,500 in gear from Salomon, Arc'teryx and Atomic. The winner is allowed to handpick all of their prizes, ranging from the alpine and mountaineering gear provided by Arc'teryx to skiing and trail running gear from Salomon and the alpine ski gear at Atomic.

The contest is not limited to Seattle area residents; anyone who wants to try to compete for the prize is welcomed to join in. The quality and amount of gear offered for the sole winner of the challenge is sure to inspire some serious competition among the enthusiastic outdoor community in the Seattle area, however. Those unfamiliar with the area, but still up to the challenge should keep a close eye on Suunto's Facebook and Twitter social media pages in the days prior leading up to the event. The company's social media pages may contain additional hints towards where the watch will be hidden, giving observant outdoorsmen and women a serious edge on the competition.

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