red agave

Text & photos by Anne Shaw

This year we took the family to Arizona, along with good friends, and travelled the state as a group of eight. And we saw and did so much. We had hot air balloon rides, Grand Canyon helicopter tours, Spring Training baseball and some lazy days by the pool. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we headed to Sedona and discovered a whole new world. We didn’t know what to expect but were amazed as we drove by the head-turning red rocks.

Arriving at our destination for the evening, Red Agave Resort, we felt an immense sense of ahhh as we stepped out of the cars. The A-frame cabins are located right beside the Coconino National Forest giving us that breathtaking view that brochures and websites just can’t duplicate. Within steps of the property was a collection of trails for walkers and bikers alike. The best part, or so we thought, was the sunset lighting up the rocks in all their glory.

After taking in the peace and tranquility, we checked in and made our way to the cabins, which to our surprise had fully-equipped kitchens. We all longed for a dinner we could cook ourselves. A quick trip to the grocery store, a few minutes at the stove and before we knew it we were eating out on the tables beneath the red rocks and the sparkling stars. What an incredible experience. The evening was completed with some marshmallows, kindly given out by the hosts, roasted by the fire pit and a swim before bed. We were eager to get some sleep so we could take advantage of our full day in Sedona!

hiking trail sign

Waking up early because I want to – I know, not in my right mind, but in Sedona, you don’t mind doing that, actually, you kind of look forward to it – Allan and I were up and on the trail. It was a beautiful walk along the same track that the mountain bikers would take. The flora and fauna was impressive along with the beautiful red rocks and soil. I could have just stayed on the trail all day.

Back at Red Agave, which is a type of cactus by the way – the kids did the research – the rest of the troops were slowly waking up and realizing what a beautiful day it was going to be.

The kitchen crew of Allan, Brad and Carleen whipped up an impressive spread of breakfast burritos from last night’s leftovers. After enjoying the breakfast, it was time to pack up and start our adventure for the day. We were sad to leave Red Agave. The cute little cabins and the cozy atmosphere really made you want to stay longer. We were wondering why it seemed so much more peaceful here – the Vortexes may actually be the key.

From Red Agave we headed into town to Tlaquepaque (hate to see that one on a spelling test). Tlaquepaque is a beautiful artisan village that we think must have been a former homestead of some type. We had a chance to wander through this incredible market and were pleased to find the candy store. From Tlaquepaque we headed further into town and found a wonderful restaurant for lunch, The Heartline Café – amazing food, even for the family, in a perfect outdoor setting.

Our time in Sedona was short and we all want to go back to explore more of this wonderful part of the world. The Chapel of the Holy Cross is certainly tops on our list. The hot air balloons, jeep tours, hikes and horseback riding definitely need to be explored more, too. If you are a mountain biker, Sedona is definitely the place to go. Be sure to check out Bike and Bean, it’s a great store for avid riders and coffee lovers alike. Everywhere we went, there was a pure sense of calm. A great getaway tucked in the middle of our two-week trip. A refresher we needed and a stand-out on the trip.

Sedona, we will be back.

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