Campfires make everything better—especially when the marshmallow roasting sticks come out.

I grew up spending summer weekends in the wilderness, sleeping in tents and warming up by crackling campfires in northern Alberta. One of my favourite childhood memories is devouring s’mores.

What is a s’more?

A classic s’more is made of a freshly toasted marshmallow, creamy milk chocolate and two graham cracker wafers. The sticky-sweet camping tradition has a more complex history than you may know. The dessert as we call it today—which, by the way, is named after the responsive hankering for “some more”—was first published as a recipe by Girl Scouts in 1927.

In this video, my roommate and I dabbled in alternative versions of the sugary treat using gooey marhsmallows and various other ingredients, including peanut butter, Oreos and Nutella. We created five different concoctions of unique campfire s’mores and rated each out of 5 in three categories: taste, texture and messiness.

You might be surprised at the results. (I sure was!)



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photoAndrea Le

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