As the sole full-time female employee for explore (currently), I’m very interested in the conversation surrounding women and the outdoors. I recently assigned an article that explores why females may be negatively affected in hiking areas that prohibit dogs—because their canine companion is much more than “(wo)man’s best friend.” A hearty husky can also provide crucial protection for solo female adventurers.

So, I was stoked to hear about a tour operator that recently launched women-only adventure trips. By enabling women to lead, participate, tell their own stories and forge their own path, we’re creating a more inclusive outdoors space.

That’s something I’ll always want to talk about.

photoNatural Habitat Adventures

Natural Habitat Adventures is a Boulder-based ecotourism leader that works closely with World Wildlife Fund to create engaging experiences that also contribute to conservation. In February 2020, they’ll launch their first women-only Canadian Arctic adventures.

"We wanted to create a space for women who are ready for the next big adventure of their lives, where they can feel empowered to be themselves in one of the wildest places on the planet," said Annie Van Dinther, an experienced naturalist and veteran Expedition Leader who designed the trip.

"This trip is all about learning what it took for women to survive the Canadian Arctic, it's about expanding our knowledge of natural history and science, and most importantly, it's about discovering what we're capable of alongside like-minded individuals—put simply, it's the trip the women Expedition Leaders of Nat Hab have always wanted to take themselves!"photoAlexander de Vries

Climate change has greatly impacted northern Manitoba. The women who built their lives in this frigid environment have incredible stories to tell. Travellers can engage with and learn from Metis leaders, entrepreneurs, trap line workers and the women who helped form Churchill.

Guests can also experience skill-building workshops including fire-building, snowshoeing and dog sledding. Plus, chances are high that the dark night skies will yield dazzling sights of the Aurora Borealis.

photoNatural Habitat Adventures

The women-only departures for the Northern Lights and Arctic Cultures tours run February 4 to 10th and February 24th to March 1st and depart from Churchill, Manitoba. 


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