From camping air mats to collapsible solar lanterns, there are a lot of fun, genius and multi-functional gear items in the world, and one of the best places to find new ideas is on Kickstarter. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate adventure shelter, clothes that make sense for exploring the outdoors or a video of your next scuba trip, here are three of Kickstarter’s current projects you might want to pledge.


1. Haven Tent

I love lazing in a hammock, but even with bug nets, they aren’t always the ideal cocoon for a good night’s sleep. Enter Haven.

Designed in Utah, this lightweight hammock tent combines the need for comfort and the delight of sleeping in the trees. Picture a flat, spacious sleeping platform with an inflatable mattress—hanging above the ground with a shell for privacy and protection from bugs and the elements.

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2. Open Air Pants

Listen, stretchy trekking tights might look good, but on hot outdoor adventures, even sweat-wicking fabric can grow uncomfortable.

However, I’m not about to revert to my zip-off cargo pants. I'm extremely interested in these “ultra-flattering outdoor pants for women,” designed by women who worked for Lululemon and Arc'teryx.

What makes these pants special? Seven pockets (I’m already drooling), a d-ring key-clip and four-way stretch in a machine-washable carbon-neutral fabric.

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3. Underwater Drone

From the makers of Gladius, meet a new waterproof drone: named Dory.

Features include depth lock, tilt-lock mode and powerful lights to scope out the ocean floor. If you don’t want to get wet, you can control this portable underwater drone with your phone. Or, use it to follow and record your scuba diving and snorkelling adventures.

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